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Ellen DeGeneres to retire from talk show? BANG Showbiz. The five household items you should be replacing regularly Domain. Initially, different server software would use different ways to exchange this information with scripts. Therefore, it was decided to establish a standard way for exchanging this information: CGI the Common Gateway Interfaceas it defines a common way for server software to interface with scripts.

Webpage generating programs invoked by server software that operate according to the CGI standard are known as CGI scripts. This standard was quickly adopted and is still supported by all well-known server software, such as ApacheIISand with an extension node. An early use of CGI scripts was to process forms. When the submit button is pushed the URI specified in the "action" attribute would be sent to the server with the data from букмекерская контора с тото form sent as a query string.

This is usually done by marking a new directory within the document collection as containing CGI scripts — its name is often cgi-bin. That is, anything that the script sends to standard output is passed to the Web client instead of being shown on-screen in a terminal window. As remarked above, the CGI standard defines how additional information passed with the request is passed to the script.

The following Perl program shows all the environment variables passed by the Web server:. If a Web browser issues a request for the environment variables at http: Some, but not all, of these variables are defined by the CGI standard.

The program could then generate any content, write that to standard outputand the Web server will transmit it to the browser. The following are environment variables passed to CGI programs:. The program returns the result to the Web server in the form of standard output, beginning with a header and a blank line.

Another popular convention is to use filename extensions ; for instance, if CGI scripts are consistently given the extension. While convenient, and required by many prepackaged scripts, it opens the server to attack if a remote user can upload executable code with the proper extension.

The Web server creates a subset of the environment variables passed to it and adds details pertinent to the HTTP environment. CGI is often used to process inputs information from the user and produce the appropriate output.

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An example of a CGI program is one implementing a Wiki. The web server receives the input from the CGI and transmits it to the user agent. Calling a command generally means the invocation of a newly created process on the server. Starting the process can consume much more time and memory than the actual work of generating the output, especially when the program still needs to be interpreted or compiled. If the command is called often, the resulting workload can quickly overwhelm the server.

Another way to reduce the overhead is to use precompiled CGI programs, e. The optimal configuration for any Web application depends on application-specific details, amount of traffic, and complexity of the transaction; these tradeoffs need to be analyzed to determine the best implementation for a given task and time budget.

Web Frameworks offer an alternative to using CGI scripts to interact with user agents. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the software interface between a web server and programs. For other uses, see CGI disambiguation. Common Gateway Interface at w3.

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