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People from the five nations placed themselves at 7.

The UK scored 6. Today the Work and Pensions Secretary looked frosty as she left her central London home today and refused to answer questions. When asked if she had anything to add to her humbling apology she said repeatedly: The issue was discussed on Question Time in Dudley last night and the audience member told the букмекерские базы данных Richard Spottiswood strangled his employee Darren Bonner until he passed out and then drove him to a remote seaside beauty spot in Cresswell, Northumberland, and left him for dead.

The body of Ivana Smit, 18, was discovered on the sixth floor of an upmarket high rise in Kuala Lumpur on December 7,but a Malaysian coroner has today agreed she likely died before she fell. Laureline Garcia-Bertaux pictured was found buried in the garden of her house on a tree-lined street in the suburb of Kew in south-west London, having last been seen alive on Saturday.

Pilot Amie Kirkham rightwho comes from a family of pilots, has also told of her experiences. Matt Parker examines the consequences of numerical errors throughout history. He recounts how a computer fault caused six Fs that were flying from Hawaii to Japan to crash all at once.

Around 50 relatives of Chinese passengers on board Flight MH travelled to Beijing to mark the fifth anniversary of the tragedy outside the Chinese foreign ministry today. A surge in applications was triggered by consumer group Which? Dads around the world told how they take a similarly hands-on approach with their own daughters rightgetting stuck in with their hair and painting their nails. However some of the boastful posts were mocked by mothers, who claimed there is nothing extraordinary about a man being able to get a little girl ready for school inset.

The emergency services were unable to revive her when they were called to Wetherby service station.

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Natalie Hughes, 34, was diagnosed with post-natal depression after the birth of her fourth child. Eleven weeks after her partner of 15 years left the family home in Manchester she hanged herself.

The couple, named by police only as Josephine and Colin, were ambushed outside their home at 3pm on February 11, when a robber demanded their car keys. Dashcam footage captured the yobs fleeing the scene on a scooter following the broad daylight attack. David Martinez collapsed and died in the street after being knifed in Leyton, becoming the 15th person killed by a knife in the capital in Footage captures the shameful moment a group tracksuited youths set after a cyclist on the Fallowfield Loop bike path in Manchester, throwing a weapon believed to be an axe or hammer.

Carla Couperthwaite chased a man into a convenience store in Bolton before repeatedly stabbing at the door with the serrated blade. A year-old man arrested in Leicester on Tuesday over the brutal stabbing in a park Harold Hill, Romford, remains in custody, Scotland Yard said. A cleaning-mad mum, from the UK, shared her tip about cleaning washing machines on a Facebook group. All you need is washing-up liquid, an old toothbrush bicarbonate of soda and white vinegar. Leah Howarth, 33, of Fleetwood, Lancashire, and her partner, Shane Hutchinson, 48, were arrested on suspicion of murder, concealing a birth and preventing a lawful burial in July.

Web firms that hoover up personal information will have to guarantee they know the age of their users before allowing them to set up an account, under new rules backed by UK data protection law.

Picture the scene: But who murdered him? LaToya Jackson pictured accused her brother Michael of being a child molester in when he made headlines around the world after the father of a year-old alleged Leonbets Обход Блокеровки abused his son. Michael is my brother, I love him a great deal but I cannot, and will not, be a silent collaborator of his crimes against small, innocent children. Corey Feldman clarified previous statement and admitted he can no longer defend Michael Jackson amid horrendous molestation allegations in Leaving Neverland.

In a shocking new Michael Jackson documentary, Leaving Neverland, Peter makes a short appearance in the background of an image of the competition. The year-old is pictured wearing MJ-esque black fedora and a red bow-tie, complete with a black leather jacket and trousers with white socks. Every morning when she gets into the office, Julie switches on both of the fans on her desk and settles down to work in their cooling breeze.

Paul Manafort was sentenced to 47 months at federal court in Alexandria, VA, for tax and bank fraud. Judge T. Three high-flying women found a different solution. Emma Bartholomew left has won her case against council over a traffic camera in Hackney, east London. Her case has opened the way for thousands more программы букмекерских контор to appeal their fines too.

Laura Murray is a fellow member of the Hampstead branch. And like Gardiner and his wife, she is close to Corbyn, not least because her father is one of his advisers. The lawyer who represented R. Kelly in a child pornography case 11 years ago has said the singer was definitely guilty of the charges - and even needed anti-libido drugs to stem his sexual urges. Mehdi Nemmouche was armed with a Kalashnikov rifle as he went on a rampage lasting less than 90 seconds that left four dead at at the Jewish Museum in Brussels, Belgium, in May Titania McGrath right was unmasked as Andrew Doyle left40, a former private school teacher with a doctorate in early Renaissance poetry from Wadham College, Oxford.

Social media is awash with people spouting nonsense, from the mad to the merely misinformed. Her Twitterings were just the right side of believable. Robert Jenner pictured worked for nationwide courier service Hermes while he wore jeans with a hole cut out of the crotch, it was alleged, leaving his manhood exposed as he made deliveries in Kent. Presenters Sian Williams and Stefan Gates found that protein-heavy breakfast items like Weetabix centre cost up to 50p more than their normal versions, while a protein-packed Snickers right retails at three times the price of the original.

The Scottish man died after the brawl at around 3am this morning. Alan Powell, pictured from Hornchurch, east London, died two days after he was discovered lying in a street yards from his home by a member of the public.

DeepSpot is set to open this autumn in Mszczonow, around 40km from the Polish capital Warsaw. Ciprian Scorteanu, 45, had his lorry seized at the Port of Hull so that his tyre cargo could be inspected.

Hours later, however, the nationals were found when steam came from the adapted fridge. The Canadian rapper Drake is thought to be a fan of shisha smoking after he was snapped on Instagram indulging in a hookah pipe.

But it may be seriously damaging his heart and blood vessels. Pictured from left: Rachel Evans before she began having cosmetic treatments. Right, as she looks now. Inset top: Having a thread lift treatment on the corners of her mouth.

In a Cabinet of faceless dullards, the Attorney General radiates the sort of grace and old-school charm now sadly lacking in modern politics.

Не открывает бетфаир it enters its third day of delays, Eurostar this morning said it would be experiencing delays on departures from Paris Gare du Nord today due to industrial action by French Customs. Thousands of men and women have poured out of the last pocket of territory held by ISIS in the village of Baghouz near the Iraqi border in recent days, their wounded, and dust-covered children, in tow. The last IS fighters and their families were cornered today among a dense gathering of vehicles and tents on the edge of a river picturedcaught between advancing US-backed forces and Syrian regime fighters across the water.

Men and women draped in black walked between a sea of small pickup trucks and caravans scattered across the uneven riverbank. The images, filmed by the Free Burma Rangers aid group, showed a motorbike darting between a dark earth berm topped with clumps of reeds and a line of makeshift shelters as Kurdish forces wait to move in and reclaim their last stronghold.

On Wednesday at Wembley Harry praised youngsters for their attitudes to climate change, calling on people to stop damaging the environment. Hope Not Hate analysed hashtags over January and February and found 5, tweets which featured unpleasant anti-Meghan content - some even suggested she was faking her pregnancy.

The six-bedroom manor home has seen Sir Rod, 74, through two wives and several girlfriends and includes a boating lake, tennis courts, a swimming pool and huge gardens.

The photos were taken in Brighton inwhen the area was still getting back on its feet after World War Two. Wooden boards were removed from the pier during the conflict to stop the Germans using it as a landing area. Twitter users praised the company for their sensitivity. Racing driver Charlie Martin walked away from the sport after her transition - but now the year-old, from Leicester, is set to be the first transgender competitor in the Le Mans Cup in June.

Josh, 36, from Georgia, visits Dr Pimple Popper after a golf ball-shaped lump developed on the side of his head 18 years ago.

Health officials said as many asmore men andmore women with high blood pressure, faith leon hypertension, may now be eligible. A Dallas, Texas mother learned just how big her child had grown in the funniest way. The Astrophysical Journal. The Astronomical Journal. Retrieved 6 December Most Distant Black Hole". Physics Today. Retrieved The Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific.

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Retrieved 26 October Retrieved 4 November Archived from the original on Bouwens; et al.

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Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society. Cosmological physics. Cambridge Astrophysics series. Retrieved 9 February Black holes. Blandford—Znajek process Bondi accretion Ergosphere Event horizon Gravitational lens Hawking radiation Innermost stable circular orbit M—sigma relation Penrose process Photon sphere Quasi-periodic oscillation Thermodynamics Schwarzschild radius Spaghettification. Gravitational singularity Penrose—Hawking singularity theorems Primordial black hole Gravastar Dark star Dark-energy star Black star Eternally collapsing object Magnetospheric eternally collapsing object Fuzzball White hole Naked singularity Ring singularity Immirzi parameter Membrane paradigm Kugelblitz Wormhole Quasi-star.

Black holes Most massive Nearest Quasars. Category Commons Portal. Authority control BNE: XX BNF: Astronomy portal Space portal. Retrieved from " https: Active galaxy types Quasars Radio astronomy. Hidden categories: Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikiversity. This page was last edited on 5 Marchat JeefCake Открыть профиль Показать все сообщения.

Сообщения 1 — 9 из 9. Panzer Открыть профиль Показать все сообщения. Its pretty cool, but idk how to control the darn thing, it wont even move.

Bubble Flames Открыть профиль Показать все сообщения. A massive flaw is that on multiplayer, all there needs to be is one little kid who puts a large metal plate on the track, and unless you have the stuff to break it, RIP. You need to fuel the thing up, and put a battery in it. It can only go forward, backward, and stop. Автор сообщения: