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In high school, she was the prom queen and dated the hottest guys, but only put out when she wanted and was not a slut. She used her assets to her advantage and was always surrounded only by friends with the same wealth and social status as her. Taylor and Nicole competed in almost everything from track, to school, to boys, and even seeing which of them could humiliate someone worse. They never failed to point out any defects in other girls whenever possible. The two of them often ganged up on any girl who they felt might want to compete with them.

Her sister Ash, a freshman, was almost a clone of Taylor, but with blond hair and "C" cup breasts. She was a year behind Taylor. The three of them were almost inseparable. If you saw one, the others were nearby. They loved to show off, dressing in stylish clothes and flaunting their looks, wealth, and social status. It was usually Nicole and Taylor leading the way. Ash always followed along, but rarely took part in the humiliation of others.

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Often betting with the other two, Taylor suspected Ash was a little jealous of her and used that to her advantage. The two schools competed in just about everything, from sports, to academics, to social status, and even scholarships.

The two colleges were located only fifty miles apart and had long traditions of high standards. Taylor and Nicole were key members of the track team and were favored to win their events. But this year, there was some new competition. McKinley had a new star on the team. Her name was Alka, a Middle Eastern transfer student who was tearing up the league.

The three friends walked across the campus heading to class, Nicole and Taylor to Calculus, and Ash to Psych Taylor and Nicole were talking about the upcoming meet and Ash was ribbing them about what would happen if they lost.

The two of them had competed against each other since elementary school. It seemed that regardless of what they did, they were always on opposite sides. Ky was pretty and skinny, with dark brown hair. Taylor loved to razz her about her lack of tits, always saying that if she had short hair she would look like a boy.

Ky on the other hand gave it right back saying Taylor had a fat ass and thunder thighs. How embarrassing would it be to lose to a no talent school with fat hoes? It would make my day.

The loser will spend the day in a bikini, cuffed to the flag pole in front of the Student Center. Taylor was pissed. She hated Ky, especially after the last wager they made on test scores.

Ky had beat her by a half point, Because of that, Taylor had to wear bib overalls and put her hair in pigtails for a day. Taylor, Nicole, and Ash continued to their classes, Taylor gushing about how what suit she was going to pick out for Ky, and Nicole offering suggestions.

Ash followed behind and finally said, "I wonder why Ky would even make such a bet. The rest of the day went pretty quickly. Taylor sat through two classes and then went to the track to start her pre-meet routine. By the time the meet started, she was loose and ready. The two premier events at any track meet were the and meter dashes. Usually they are two of the прогноз на матч саутенд болтон events, separated by only a half hour or so.

Finally the meter race was announced. Taylor, Nicole, and Sally represented Hampton. Nicole looked over at the McKinley runners. Two were familiar to her. Brenda, who Taylor had raced against since high school, and had never lost to, and Crystal, who was on the team last year. She was Middle-Eastern, her mocha skin color stood out from all the other competitors. She was tall, lean, and looked like female Usain Bolt.

Her legs, arms, and body looked more like a gazelle and, at almost six feet tall, and were quite intimidating. For the first time in a long time, there was a twinge of doubt that briefly passed through her head, but was quickly dismissed.

The runners lined up at the starting blocks, Taylor in lane six, the tall unknown opponent in lane one. Taylor completed her starting routine and waited for the race to begin.

Taylor shot out of the blocks, her attention on her form. Taylor looked to her left and the tall gazelle in lane one was right beside her.

She quickly looked up at the scoreboard and waited.

She looked at the winning time, Taylor started to turn around when she heard Ky call out, "Wait Thunder, I want to hear you say you lost!

You won, okay? Taylor stopped in her tracks, "How? Nothing or cuffed to the pole for two days? Fucking Hot.


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